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ProTec Laboratory
"The Trusted Manufacturer of Nutritional Supplements"

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About ProTec

For over a decade, we have enjoyed making the very best products
for our customers. 
     This is how:

Our Work
  ▪ We're committed to producing nutritional supplements of the highest quality.
  ▪ We ensure consistency, purity and potency from batch to batch in formulation and delivery.
  ▪ We are regulatory compliant and independently certified cGMP manufacturer.
  ▪ We continue to apply our knowledge and research to make safe and innovative products.
  ▪ We're always actively searching for ways to improve our workplace and our partnerships.
  ▪ We strive to reduce costs through high performance in our manufacturing processes and
      equipment without compromising quality.
  ▪ We value our relationships with our supply chain.
  ▪ We take time to thoroughly consider and assess all of our vendors.
  ▪ We buy only the purest ingredients and the finest components.
  ▪ We test all raw materials and every batch for purity and content.
  ▪ We procure from only the most reliable, stable and consistent sources for all
      of our materials.

Our Service 
  ▪ We serve and support our customers with professionalism and pride.
  ▪ We listen to and anticipate the needs of our customers.
  ▪ We keep our customers informed so they can make enlightened decisions.
  ▪ We provide excellent value to our customers by keeping our costs down.
  ▪ We believe in going the extra mile.
  ▪ We service our customers' orders promtly and accurately.
  ▪ We're flexible and we work by customer demand.

Our Values
  ▪ We practice solid business values of goodwill, integrity and trust.
  ▪ We believe in being true to our word.
  ▪ We're responsible for all that we do.
  ▪ We take our manufacturing responsibilities seriously.
  ▪ We understand that we are only as good as our work.
  ▪ We protect and hold highly confidential our customers proprietary information.