Our Commitment

Our commitment is constant: to provide products of the highest quality and the very best service to our customers. Every staff member is well trained, earnest about their work, and committed to their respective responsibilities. As a team, we strive for excellence.
We are committed to achieving excellence by transcending what is thought to be the benchmark for quality, productivity and service.
ProTec’s commitment has always been to exceed our customers’ expectations, not to just meet the standards that have been set for our industry.
Through our most sincere efforts, the people of ProTec are dedicated to providing equitable, honest and reliable service for every customer.

We listen carefully. We take time to understand the objectives, values and needs of our customers. We work to meet every expectation and anticipate the needs of our customers so that supply is never an issue.
We build partnerships with our customers and we are devoted to their success. We honor our commitments and stay true to our values of integrity and trust.
We are true to our purpose of always endeavoring to be better than we are today, continuously improving and evolving in everything we do. We work to achieve our goals and then set new, higher expectations for ourselves, building on yesterday’s successes for a better tomorrow.

Strategic Pillars

Protec Laboratories is a true one stop shop for all your nutritional contract manufacturing services. We are built on service and making sure that our partners can work with us in confidence in building their products so that they can focus on other parts of their business model.
At Protec we are constantly evolving to become exceptional. We anticipate our partners needs and proactively execute to be out in front of them. In doing so we have built strategic pillars that set us apart, a few are listed below, and will continue to build on these as we look to the future.

Full suite of contract manufacturer services

Multiple dose forms all under one roof, manufactured in one facility.

Meet and exceed customer desire.

Ideation (concept) to finished market ready product.

A full suite of testing protocols that can be completed on site
Full range of packaging opportunities available in one facility
Ability to formulate, research, develop, test, manufacture, package and deliver a fully realized market ready product all under one roof.
Superior quality – meeting regulations and exceeding expectations
Relationships reside between quality teams of Protec and the customer base
Not just meet label claims but go above and beyond
Collaborative approach with customers – bring concept into reality with exceptional finished products
Adaptive to Formulation, packaging and final product specifications.
Advise on trend and marketplace factors.
Ability to assist or help with regulatory challenges – domestic and foreign.
Superior customer service – keep you informed to make sound decisions for your product and product line
Flexibility in production run sizes – from pilot batches to full scales production runs.
We EXECUTE! The job gets done at ProTec.

The ProTec Difference

The Pro-Tec difference stands out in everything that we do. You will feel the desire to excel, continually excel in every part of our business with the goal of giving our clients the best possible results from our relationship. We never stop looking for ways to improve our products, our services and our people. There are no higher standards than our own and we look to raise them every day.
You will constantly hear the word “WE” used at Pro Tec Laboratories. We believe that when a group of dedicated professionals work together with a common goal – to continually excel – remarkable accomplishments will be the result.

  • We are committed to producing nutritional supplements of the highest quality.
  • We ensure consistency, purity and potency from batch to batch in formulation and delivery.
  • We are regulatory compliant and independently certified cGMP manufacturer.
  • We continue to apply our knowledge and research to make safe and innovative products
  • We’re always actively searching for ways to improve our workplace and our partnerships
  • We strive to reduce costs through high performance in our manufacturing processes and equipment without compromising quality
  • We value our relationships with our supply chain.
  • We take time to thoroughly consider and assess all our vendors.
  • We buy only the purest ingredients and the finest components.
  • We test all raw materials and every batch for purity and content
  • We procure from only the most reliable, stable and consistent sources for all of our materials