About Us


At Protec we hold our core values close and they drive every aspect of our business.

A people first focus that reaches to our partners, clients, vendors and employees.

Make superior and safe products for the consumer to give them the ability to live their best life.

Be true partners with our clients in order to build long lasting relationships because we know that our success comes from their ability to reach their goals.

Create an environment that is best in class and a great place to work for our employees.

Go above and beyond to set new benchmarks in Customer service.

Come to each day with a passion for Excellence and put that passion into everything that we do..


Life at ProTec centers around our culture. Our values connect and inspire us. Our behaviors build trusted relationships. Our employees can learn from some of the most passionate and driven people in the industry. We celebrate success and we recognize accomplishments so that we may continue to inspire one another, grow together, encourage each other and cultivate longstanding employees. We share our valuable experience and expertise with our customers and welcome a collaborative approach to the work that we do. We develop and manufacture innovative products that ultimately improve both the lives of those taking the products as well as the lives of those making the products.


We understand that our people are what make Pro Tec a leader in the contract supplement manufacturing industry. We are only as strong as the sum of our parts and we go to great lengths in order to build the best team possible to work with you to make your product demands a fully realized reality.

We take great pride in our people and the empower them to bring their best to everything that the do here at ProTec. Considerable care and due diligence are put behind finding the best people in the industry to excel in their respective roles.

We support our people with one of the most consistent and dynamic training programs in the industry. It is our goal to not only drive their continued excellence in current protocols but to also look to the future to bring new and cutting edge ideas and systems to the forefront. They are empowered to strive for excellence, to perfect best practices and excel in all aspects of their work.

Come work with us and see what a group of dedicated, passionate professionals can do when they are all working together to achieve a common goal – To Excel – continually Excel.